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Oscar in the era of Chinese real estate: the weather vane of the industry trend

Editor:嘉兴市博莱特纸业有限公司 │ Release Time:2018-09-11 

In June this year, the “11th China Real Estate Era Oscar List” hosted by Guangdong Times Media Co., Ltd. and the China Urban Construction and Development Center of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development was announced in Guangzhou (real estate). It is reported that in this selection activity, a total of 13 real estate companies and 7 projects stood out and became the most dazzling star of the year.

As a large-scale large-scale real estate appraisal activity in China, 100 experts including the authoritative scholars, financial executives and market service agencies in the Chinese real estate era participated in the selection. Different from the previous selection of sales revenue and sales area as the core indicators, the Oscars in the Chinese real estate era selected the company's sustainable financing ability, profitability, corporate governance, operational efficiency, strategic rationality, growth, and green. A total of 12 important indicators of ingredients (corporate environmental responsibility), public reputation, product quality, robustness, scale, and solvency are considered as the core. This makes the selection of Oscars in the Chinese real estate era more credible and more accurately reflects the comprehensive strength of the company.

Since the release of the first list in 2008, Oscar of the Chinese real estate era has always insisted on taking stock of the Chinese property market, and is committed to presenting the fine projects, elites and outstanding enterprises of the Chinese real estate industry to the society, to China and the world. Today, the 11th consecutive Chinese real estate era Oscar has become the most influential Oscar event in China's real estate industry, and has profoundly affected the development of the real estate industry.

High quality development into a consensus

In 2018, it is destined to be a special year for real estate companies. Under the main tone of "Do not live in housing" and "rental and sales", the real estate market has entered a new round of adjustment period, and housing enterprises are gradually transforming the concept of wrong development of "scale theory" and "high quality development". Become the key to the innovation and development of enterprises.

In this context, in 2018, the "11th China Real Estate Era Oscar List" put forward the proposition of "standing a new height, the new era of the butterfly - welcoming high-quality development", pointing out the direction for the transformation of the real estate industry. In the list of winners, leading enterprises in Evergrande, Country Garden, Agile, and Jindi actively adjusted their development strategies in addition to the scale growth: putting product strategy first, innovating modern construction technology and service models, and seeking new profit growth points.

In addition, Longhu, Greenland, Sunshine City (000671, stocks), Zhujiang Industrial (600684, shares), China's Bund, Dongyuan Group and other representative housing companies attacked, hot property market, become the unstoppable power of the real estate market . Brands such as Excellence, Aoyuan, Hesheng Chuangzhan, Taihe, Zhujiang Investment, Blu-ray Development (600466, stock bar), etc., also rely on excellent product forging strength, steady rising sales performance and forward-looking development strategy. Won the real estate Oscar list.

The industry experts who participated in the selection pointed out that the era of quality development of real estate has arrived, and adhering to quality is the lifeline of each home firm's solid foundation. To achieve high-quality development and meet the people's good life, real estate companies need to assume more social responsibilities.

Witness the property market

Since the first list was released in 2008, the Chinese real estate era Oscar has been successfully held for 11 consecutive years and is well-known in the industry.

In 2009, the Chinese real estate era Oscar launched the "First Place created by the Cantonese Real Estate" series. For example, Guangdong took the lead in trying to use the land in the country for compensation. In 1987, Shenzhen (real estate) “moving a trip” and the public bidding for 107 hectares of land use rights in Huadiwan, Guangzhou in 1988 all caused a sensation. On January 29, 1991, Vanke A officially listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, code 0002, which launched the great journey of Vanke A1 trillion market value, and in 1991, Clifford Group began construction of 7,500 acres, with "China" The first village, the reputation of the Clifford New Village, opened the prelude to the development of China's super-large real estate projects...

In 2011, the Chinese real estate era Oscar launched the "Testimony to the power of growth" series. In the same year, Wang Shi, chairman of the board of directors of Vanke, who dared to tell the truth, traveled to the United States to study Harvard and faded out of the Chinese real estate industry. He liked to shoot guns everywhere, and Ren Zhiqiang, chairman of Huayuan Real Estate Co., Ltd. Retirement. People are worried that the real estate will be retired, and the real estate will be quiet for a long time. The 4th China Real Estate Oscar was held, and the market doubts were swept away. A large number of new forces quickly rose.

In 2017, after bidding farewell to barbaric growth and the golden age, the real estate industry has entered a situation of blooming. Different from the past, although the current real estate market has just experienced a round of rising, it is in a situation of oversupply, the endogenous power is insufficient, and mergers and integration are intensified. How to transform? Among them, the courage to break the stereotypes, fear the trial and error, and stimulate innovation will become the key to driving endogenous growth. In the annual list, Country Garden Group, Agile Group, Gemdale Group (600383, shares), Longhu Group, R&F Properties and other companies were selected as 2017 China TOP10 real estate brand enterprises. Among them, Longhu, which is characterized by stable performance, high profit margin, standardized management and low debt ratio, has long been a model for peer learning.

Some industry experts told the Times Weekly reporter that when everyone is concerned about how to adjust the macro-control policies, the Oscars in the real estate era in China will set aside the fog for real estate companies and become the vane to guide the trend of the industry.