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The price of raw paper and waste paper fell to 1,000 yuan / ton, and the waste paper packing station is no longer ready

Editor:嘉兴市博莱特纸业有限公司 │ Release Time:2018-09-11 

At a waste paper packing station in Xiamen, Fujian Province, the owner Feng Zhongjun introduced that his packing station is now buying about 30 tons of waste paper a day. On his record of waste paper purchases in recent months, you can see this year. The price of waste paper for half a year has been oscillating downward.

Feng Zhongjun, a waste paper purchaser in Xiamen, Fujian: On November 6, it was 1,700 yuan per ton, 2,500 yuan per ton in July, and 800 yuan per ton, which fluctuated greatly.

At Feng Zhongjun's waste paper packing station, the warehouse was almost full of packaged waste paper. He revealed that these were all waste paper currency. The stock was nearly 500 tons, which was acquired around September. The purchase price was 2,300 yuan. / ton or so, at least to sell 2,400 yuan to not lose money. But what I didn't expect was that from September to now, the price continued to decline, and now it can only sell for 2,000 yuan / ton, one ton will have to pay more than four hundred yuan.

Feng Zhongjun, a waste paper purchaser in Xiamen, Fujian: This may be the most inventories since I started making waste paper in the past five or six years. The loss should be the largest and most. Not selling it in time, it would rise, I didn’t expect it to go down.

It is understood that from the end of May this year to the present, the prices of all kinds of packaging paper products continue to fluctuate downwards. The price of corrugated paper has dropped from 5,100 yuan / ton at the end of May to the current 4,000 yuan / ton, a drop of nearly 22%, the price of cardboard paper from 5,600 yuan / ton fell to 4,300 yuan / ton, a drop of 23%.

The price of finished paper fell, and the price of waste paper fell. The price of first-grade used cardboard paper dropped from 3,200 yuan/ton at the end of May to the current 2,200 yuan/ton, a drop of more than 30%.

Tang Yanju, deputy secretary-general of the China Recycling Resources Recycling Association: Since the beginning of this year, the price of waste paper has basically been a "several" shape, rising all the way from the beginning of the year to April, and began to fluctuate all the way down in May. Regarding this round of decline, whether it is a waste paper recycling company or a paper mill, it is not expected.

Xu Hanyang, deputy general manager of Xiamen Hanyangda Environmental Material Recovery Co., Ltd.: I will not prepare for backlogs in the future. If today is enough for a car to pull away, the risk of the enterprise is relatively small.